Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aerial Photography

                            My photo taken at No.7Sqn.RMAF Base Kuching, Sarawak. 1991

Flight Detail
April 05, 1991-M2014-Ang457-Lt(U)Sahid/Self. - Aerial photography, Kuching areas-Duration: 3:45mins

An aerial photographic accomplishment over Kuching with a renowned photographer on-board, Guido Alberto Rossi in his  making of a book "Over Malaysia".


Photographer  Guido Alberto Rossi on the Alouette III starboard side.@ Copyright.

Tips on aerial photographic planning
By Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim  
  1. Photographer's  target choice. 
  2. Obtained photographic authorization.
  3. Briefing with pilot and aircrew.
  4. Cameras and equipments.
  5. Communication headsets.
  6. Weather consideration.
  7. Safety precautions.
  8. After flight debrief.

Have a good flying!

Aerial Photos of Kuching, Sarawak

Aerial Photo: Kuching township 1991@ Copyright.

Aerial Photo: Kuching by the river 1991@ Copyright.

Aerial Photo: Kuching stadium 1991@ Copyright.

Aerial Photo: A speed boat 1991 @ Copyright.

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