Saturday, July 3, 2010

Voice Broadcasting

Self with 9mm Browning Automatic Pistol (Shoulder Holstered)
Operation Jala Aman, Sarawak - 16-23 April,1983

Voice broadcasting used by RMAF as to maintain public order and in awakening the communist terrorists in hostile areas to surrender. This was carried out within the operation areas in the west and east Malaysia and normally followed by leaflet drops that included government's advisory messages.

Flight Detail
Dec 30,1979
FM1303-W234A-Kapt(U)Yeow/Self.-Ipoh operation areas.            -1:20
Apr 10,1983
M2014-B94A-Kapt(U)Fong/Self.-Operation areas in Sibu,Sarawak.-1:30
Apr 18,1983
M2013-B757A2-        -do-         -                 -do-                            -1:35
Apr 19,1983
M2013-B757A-          -do-         -                 -do-                            -2:45

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