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Imagery Interpreters of the RMAF (1983-1989).

In June 1983, the newly reactivated No.11 Reconnaissance Squadron brought the first four RMAF operational imagery interpreters to date. They were WO1 Mohd Isa, Sgt Mohd Ismail(self), Sgt Hood and Sgt Radzali. The Imagery Interpreters or Photo Interpreters(PI) were the specialists and their jobs are to interpret films and photos taken  by the RF5E aircraft from specific targets on friendly or enemy locations. Black and white films and photos interpreted may be of an infrared-red or normal type. The evaluations and assimilations of films and photos were then reported to the requesters or higher authorities concerned with an uncountable classified duties performed day or night on base and deployment operations whenever required. I  had my first experienced occupying the back seat of the F5s as a 'Target Coordinator' and Capt(U) Halimin Pandi was my F5 pilot flying. In fact the four of us had the opportunity to fly with the F5s and as a PI, was just like an Alouette III gunner sitting at the rear seat, this time with no guns but two pairs of good eyes and navigation maps and it was authorised. 

The four US trained Imagery Interpreters
Sgt.Mohd Ismail(self), Sgt.Radzali, WO1 Mohd Isa, and Sgt.Hood.

RF5E flying for imagery target acquisitions

Camera's downloaded from RF5E aircraft.

The downloaded film cassettes were sent to No.11 Sqn.base laboratory for film processing.
From left to right: Cpl Che Ani-Lab.Technician, Sgt Mohd Ismail-PI(Self).

The base dark room for photo printing (Self).

Imagery Interpreter at the light table-evaluation and assimilation process with classified report sent out.
(Photo of self)

Imagery Interpreter may have to work in External Mobil Laboratory c/w Transporter.

External Mobile Laboratory on C130 aircraft for Labuan deployment 1985.
(Photo of self at far right : Wheel choking).

Labuan deployment 1985.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...


First and foremost, "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA".

If I'm not mistaken, arwah Mej (U) Ismail Saud attended a similar course at UK. I wonder where're En Isa & Sjn Hood?

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...


TQ for the "aidiladha greetings" and same be to you and your family.

I have zero information about the late Mej(U)Ismail Saud's course in UK and the where about of En Isa and Sjn Hood.Hoping to hear from the 2 of them soon.

amirazura said...

Ya Allah Ya tuhanku..semoga Allah sentiasa murahkan rezeki insan yg bernama En. Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim, kerana mempunyai minat yg sama dengan saya iaitu mengumpul gambar gambar lama...