Monday, January 3, 2011

The Alouette III Helicopter A Closer Look

Alouette III Helicopter-Starboard View
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Frontal View

The Undercarriage Struts

The Control Panel & Cockpit

Nose Wheel

The Underslung Gear

Port View - Artouse IIIB Engine

Starboard Engine View

Top Engine View

Rotor Brake Disc

Main Rotor Head

Tail Rotor Gear Box And Tail Rotor Blades

The photographs above contribute to the visual checks for the helicopter before takeoff which is known as "Pre-Flight Check" to pilots and aircrews. Upon completion signing by the pilots "The Record and Log Book" as often called "The Base Copy or Travel Copy" at the First Line Servicing Section, then only the aircrews be allowed to proceed to the assigned helicopter for flying.

1.   The "Pre-Flight Check" covers the following areas of an Alouette III helicopter and normally carried out by the pilots and aircrews.
  • Check if weather permissible for the day.
  • On approaching the helicopter,check wind direction.
  • Helicopter's sitting. 
  • Helicopter is clear from obstructions.
  • External fire extinguisher provided.
  • The starting crew.

2.   Cockpit and controls, instrument panel, and internal cabin checks.

3.   Port radio compartment, engine mounting, and fuel tank cable checks.

4.   Front and rear port sliding door checks.

5.  Port engine side, tail boom, radio antennas, tail rotor gear box and guard checks.

6.   Port undercarriage and strut checks,

7.   Underslung gear check.

8.   Under-fuselage beacon light check.

9.   Port navigation light check.

10. Nose wheel strut,and landing light checks.

11. Main rotor blade checks.

12. Front wind shield inspection, wiper and wind indicator checks.

13. Starboard navigation light check.

14. Starboard front and rear door checks.

15. Main rotor head, main rotor blades spacing cable, fluid dampers, and overhead beacon light checks.

16. Main gearbox, and rotor brake disc checks.

17. Top of the engine and starboard engine side checks.

18. Starboard undercarriage and strut checks.

19. Starboard radio compartment, engine mounting and fuel tank cable checks.

20. Starboard tail-boom and the 5 floating bearing checks.

21. The radio antenna checks.

22. Tail rotor blades, and tail gear box checks.

23. Tail light, and tail rotor guard checks.

*      If all checks been duly satisfied, the Alouette III helicopter is ready for its engine start-up.

**   When the engine has governed at 33,500 rpm, the aircrew will perform external "Turn-Around Check" visually for any trace of fuel and oil leaks before taking off.(Leaving alone the tail rotor danger area).

***  A good Pre-Flight Checks takes about 20 mins to carry out depending on the type of roles required. 

Alouette III Helicopter - Taking Off.

The "Post Flight Checks" normally carried out when the helicopter returned from flying or "Returned to Base" and it is similar to "Pre-Flight Checks". Any abnormalities experienced during flight such as excessive vibrations, engine and hydraulic leaks, cracks, instrument and radio failures etc are being reported and recorded to "The First Line Servicing Section" for further rectifications.