Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tour at Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado 1983.

"Silver Plume" - Self. @Copyright 1983.

"Over the bridge" Engine #14 @Copyright 1983.

Engine #14 @Copyright 1983.

"Journey Break" @Copyright 1983.

 "Train Ride" @Copyright 1983.

Self at Engine #14

Engine #8 @Copyright 1983.

@Copyright 1983.

"Train Conductress" @Copyright 1983.

@Copyright 1983.

@Copyright 1983.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tour at Denver, Colorado 1983.

Colorado State Capitol @Copyright 1983.

The 16th Street Mall at Denver @Copyright 1983.

The Mall at Denver @Copyright 1983.

"The Denver" From left Self and Isa.

Visit to Red Rocks Amphitheater
From left: Self, Mr.Jerry Hensel, Isa, and Hood.

From left: Isa, Mr.Hensel, and Self.

Red Rocks Amphitheater @Copyright 1983.

Red Rocks @Copyright 1983

Our weekend special prepared by Mr/Mrs Hensel's family.
"Shish Kebab" @Copyright 1983.

"Rivers of Colorado" @Copyright 1983

"Houses by the river" @Copyright 1983.

"Bridge on the river" @Copyright 1983.

"Water wheel" @Copyright 1983.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


On June 5th,1983 evening from Stapleton International Airport at Denver, we took a cab to Lowry AFB  Denver, Colorado(1938-1994) a former USAF Base. Lowry AFB housed the world's largest Technical Training Center, named in honor of 2nd Lieutenant Francis Lowry on 11 March,1938 and was permanently closed in by 1991 action of Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) commission in 1994. The land is now being used for commercial and residential development, though many of the old military building are in used such as Defense Financial and Accounting Services(DFAS), and Air Reserve Personnel Center.

Staying at the Lowry Billeting Bldg.1400 1983.

Inner view from Lowry Billeting 1400 1983.

Window view from Lowry Billeting 1400 1983.

We were assigned to our tutor Mr Jerry Hensel (3rd from left).
From left: Hood, Self, Hansel and Radzali.

Studied at 

"The Communication Link" at Lowry AFB @Copyright 1983.

The Main Exchange(BX) inside Lowry AFB equivalent to NAAFI or now PERNAMA. 
"Base Exchange" @Copyright 1983.

Weekend Sales at Lowry AFB @Copyright 1983.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To United States of America

       The journey started here......  

From left: self, Isa, Hood, and Radzali.
Subang International Airport, June 3,1983 morning.

Subang-Penang-Hong Kong(Kai Tak)-Taipei(Kaoshiung)-Japan(Narita)-Los Angeles-Stapleton CO.-Bergstrom(AUS)-Subang.

Subang - Penang - Hong Kong by MAS-DC10.

We were invited into the DC10's cockpit by the Captain (Ex RMAF pilot).

Subang via Penang to Hong Kong.

Approaching Hong Kong(Kai Tak).

Still approaching Kai Tak.

Landed at Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport.

Stayed overnight at Marco Polo Hotel, Hong Kong.

Continued on 09 February,2011.

Arrived at Taiwan's Kaoshiung International Airport.

Awaiting flight from Kaoshiung to Japan(Narita).

At Narita International Airport on transiting to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles International a year before Summer Olympic.

Over the Grand Canyon,Colorado.

Finally, Stapleton International Airport at Denver, Colorado.