Monday, February 21, 2011

Tour at Denver, Colorado 1983.

Colorado State Capitol @Copyright 1983.

The 16th Street Mall at Denver @Copyright 1983.

The Mall at Denver @Copyright 1983.

"The Denver" From left Self and Isa.

Visit to Red Rocks Amphitheater
From left: Self, Mr.Jerry Hensel, Isa, and Hood.

From left: Isa, Mr.Hensel, and Self.

Red Rocks Amphitheater @Copyright 1983.

Red Rocks @Copyright 1983

Our weekend special prepared by Mr/Mrs Hensel's family.
"Shish Kebab" @Copyright 1983.

"Rivers of Colorado" @Copyright 1983

"Houses by the river" @Copyright 1983.

"Bridge on the river" @Copyright 1983.

"Water wheel" @Copyright 1983.

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