Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Trip To Laredo,Mexico 1983.

From Austin, Texas, I took a trip with friends to Laredo, Mexico an America's neighborhood.

Austin, Texas to Laredo, Mexico 1983. 

Refueling at San Antonio 1983.
@Copyright 1983.

Stopped over for lunch at Sheraton Motor Inn 1983.
From left: Capt Davis USAF, and Self.

From Left: Hood, Isa, Self and Radzali 1983.

Laredo,Mexico and Texas is separated by the Rio Grande River 1983.
@Copyright 1983.

Still on the US soil 1983.

Mexico in vicinity 1983.

Laredo 1983 @Copyright 1983.

The horse carriage ride in Laredo, Mexico.@Copyright 1983.

Shopping is great at Laredo especially their leather shoes, handbags, mementos, and etc. Well! Laredo very much reminded me of Padang Besar, the border between Malaysia and Thailand.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Down Town Austin, Texas 1983

As I stroll Austin town during the weekend in 1983.

Texas State Capitol at Austin 1983(View #1).
@Copyright 1983.

Texas State Capitol at Austin 1983(View #2).
@Copyright 1983.

Somewhere in Austin 1983 @Copyright 1983.

I had lunch with friends at "The Little Thailand Restaurant".

The Little Thailand Restaurant 1983.
(Photo from left: Isa,Self,Capt Davis USAF,Restaurant's owner,Hood,and Radzali).

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bergstrom AFB at Austin,Texas 1983.

From Denver,Colorado, I moved to Austin to do my on the job training (OJT) here, at the Bergstrom AFB, Austin,Texas.

"The place I stayed" @Copyright 1983.

"The Bergstromn Inn" @Copyright 1893.

"Inside the Bergstrom Inn" @Copyright 1983.

Attachement to 67 TTS @Copyright 1983.
Center: M/Sgt Eaglehoff (Instructor).

12th Tachtical Reconnaissance Sq.@Copyright 1983.

RF4E Reconnaissance Aircraft @Copyright 1983.

RF4E Phantom @Copyright 1983.

USAF Imagery Interpretation Mobile Lab @Copyright 1983.

Mobile Imagery Interpreters' Offices @Copyright 1983.

Operational Mobile Lab @Copyright 1983.

The Mobile Generators @Copyright 1983.

The Mobile Transporter @Copyright 1983.

An evening at the base bowling center.

Bowling Center at Bergstrom AFB @Copyright 1983.

Bowling Lanes @Copyright 1983.

My favourite "Four Seasons Store" @Copyright 1983.

End of the attachment at Bergstrom AFB at Austin, Texas.

Reminiscence from crew members of 12TRS Bergstrom AFB @Copyright 1983.

"The Certification" @Copyright 1983.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Air Show 1983" At Lowry AFB Colorado.

I was fortunate to visit the "Air Show 1983" at Lowry AFB.

Hangar No.1 at Lowry AFB Colorado@Copyright 1983.

USAF Thunderbird @Copyright 1983.

Lockheed C5 Galaxy USAF @Copyright 1983.

C5 Galaxy USAF @Copyright 1983.

C5 Galaxy USAF @Copyright 1983.

C5 Galaxy Transport Aircraft USAF @Copyright 1983.

A-10 Thunderbolt II USAF @Copyright 1983.

F4 Phantom USAF @Copyright 1983.

F4E Phantom USAF @Copyright 1983.

DC-10 KC-10 Tanker Aircraft USAF @Copyright 1983.

Vought A-7 Corsair USAF @Copyright 1983.

Rockwell OV-10 Bronco USAF @Copyright 1983.

McDonnell Douglas F15 Eagle USAF @Copyright 1983.

Boeing B52 Bomber USAF@Copyright 1983.

B52 Rear Gun Turret @Copyright 1983.

Cessna A-37B Dragonfly USAF @Copyright 1983.

F-105 Thunderchief USAF @Copyright 1983.

BAe Victor K2 Tanker RAF @Copyright 1983.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tour at Cheyenne Frontier Days Wyoming 1983.

Travel by road from Denver,Colorado to Cheyenne in Wyoming.

Denver, Colorado to Cheyenne,Wyoming 1983.

"Cheyenne Frotier Days" @Copyright 1983.

"The Rodeo" @Copyright 1983.

Whilst Carnival in town.

"The Red Indian" @Copyright 1983.

"Indian Woman On The Horse" @Copyright 1983.

"Cowgirls" @Copyright 1983.

"Miss Rodeo" @Copyright 1983.

"The Fairest Of The Fair" @Copyright 1983.

"Patrol Officer On Duty" @Copyright 1983.

"Mounted Soldiers" @Copyright 1983.

"Mounted Officers" @Copyright 1983.

"Horse Carriage" @Copyright 1983.

"The Parade" @Copyright 1983.

"The 2nd Parade" @Copyright 1983.

"The Colorful Carnival " @Copyright 1983.

"At The Carnival" @Copyright 1983.

"The Musical Band" @Copyright 1983.