Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bergstrom AFB at Austin,Texas 1983.

From Denver,Colorado, I moved to Austin to do my on the job training (OJT) here, at the Bergstrom AFB, Austin,Texas.

"The place I stayed" @Copyright 1983.

"The Bergstromn Inn" @Copyright 1893.

"Inside the Bergstrom Inn" @Copyright 1983.

Attachement to 67 TTS @Copyright 1983.
Center: M/Sgt Eaglehoff (Instructor).

12th Tachtical Reconnaissance Sq.@Copyright 1983.

RF4E Reconnaissance Aircraft @Copyright 1983.

RF4E Phantom @Copyright 1983.

USAF Imagery Interpretation Mobile Lab @Copyright 1983.

Mobile Imagery Interpreters' Offices @Copyright 1983.

Operational Mobile Lab @Copyright 1983.

The Mobile Generators @Copyright 1983.

The Mobile Transporter @Copyright 1983.

An evening at the base bowling center.

Bowling Center at Bergstrom AFB @Copyright 1983.

Bowling Lanes @Copyright 1983.

My favourite "Four Seasons Store" @Copyright 1983.

End of the attachment at Bergstrom AFB at Austin, Texas.

Reminiscence from crew members of 12TRS Bergstrom AFB @Copyright 1983.

"The Certification" @Copyright 1983.

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