Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tour at Cheyenne Frontier Days Wyoming 1983.

Travel by road from Denver,Colorado to Cheyenne in Wyoming.

Denver, Colorado to Cheyenne,Wyoming 1983.

"Cheyenne Frotier Days" @Copyright 1983.

"The Rodeo" @Copyright 1983.

Whilst Carnival in town.

"The Red Indian" @Copyright 1983.

"Indian Woman On The Horse" @Copyright 1983.

"Cowgirls" @Copyright 1983.

"Miss Rodeo" @Copyright 1983.

"The Fairest Of The Fair" @Copyright 1983.

"Patrol Officer On Duty" @Copyright 1983.

"Mounted Soldiers" @Copyright 1983.

"Mounted Officers" @Copyright 1983.

"Horse Carriage" @Copyright 1983.

"The Parade" @Copyright 1983.

"The 2nd Parade" @Copyright 1983.

"The Colorful Carnival " @Copyright 1983.

"At The Carnival" @Copyright 1983.

"The Musical Band" @Copyright 1983.

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