Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Trip To Laredo,Mexico 1983.

From Austin, Texas, I took a trip with friends to Laredo, Mexico an America's neighborhood.

Austin, Texas to Laredo, Mexico 1983. 

Refueling at San Antonio 1983.
@Copyright 1983.

Stopped over for lunch at Sheraton Motor Inn 1983.
From left: Capt Davis USAF, and Self.

From Left: Hood, Isa, Self and Radzali 1983.

Laredo,Mexico and Texas is separated by the Rio Grande River 1983.
@Copyright 1983.

Still on the US soil 1983.

Mexico in vicinity 1983.

Laredo 1983 @Copyright 1983.

The horse carriage ride in Laredo, Mexico.@Copyright 1983.

Shopping is great at Laredo especially their leather shoes, handbags, mementos, and etc. Well! Laredo very much reminded me of Padang Besar, the border between Malaysia and Thailand.


Faizul said...

Salam Encik Ismail,

Nice to see you blogging.

Wonder if you know where Hood & Radzali are. Hood was in 5 Sqn when I was in 8 Sqn together with Radzali during that time.

WO1 Faizul ex-AQM Caribou/C130

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Waalaikumusalam Encik Faizul. Thanks for writing, as for Hood and Radzali I have lost contact since 1986.