Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There Are Eleven Categories Of Blog Writings.

In blog writing you may want to select the category of blogs prefered as suggested below:
  1. Families, peoples and stories.
  2. Common interests, creativities and hobbies.
  3. Opportunities and businesses.
  4. Sports, adventures, and expeditions.
  5. Explorations, and discoveries.
  6. Sciences and technologies.
  7. Travels and tourism.
  8. Education and religion.
  9. Nature earth and its habitations.
  10. Professional careers, self portraits and experiences.
  11. Political blogging.
Probably has more categories to mention from the other quarter's opinions. As for my blogs "The Gunship Escorte" is from the category ten, a career achievement and experience and "Islamic Undertaker" as category eight, amphasise on Islamic funeral management. Each of my blog has it own style and character maintained without having any kind of speculation and prejudice compared. I am hoping readers will continue to read my blogs and fully understand of my  intention with solely right as a neutral blogger.

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