Monday, May 2, 2011

The Alouette III Gunship Firing Command.

After a short mission briefing was carried out on ground by the camp commander or the  intelligence officer, the Alouette assault gunships are ready for takeoff to the specified target location. 

In the air, on approaching and identifying the pre assault target at 1500ft in altitude.......

Pilot to Air Gunner:

Pilot:  "Target on 10 o'clock, an LP, Marker "X"ray, you have insight?".

Air Gunner:  "Roger, I have Mkr. "X"ray  in sight".

Pilot:  "To fire HE, 500 yards north from Mkr. "X"ray".

Air Gunner:  "Roger, to fire HE, 500 yds north from Mkr. "X"ray when ready".

On the final approach on a selected low fly path towards north heading and about reaching 500 yds from the Mkr. "X"ray, the command follows.......

Pilot: "Firing when ready!".

Air Gunner:  "Roger, firing now!".

Pilot:  "Cease Fire!".

Air Gunner:  "Roger Cease Fire!"

Gun selected to 'Safe mode'.


adioz88 said...

nice rare pic there..normally how long it takes when firing at certain target and how about the counter attack from the PGK itself?

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Dear adioz88,

Thank you.Never to stay for too long at any target areas.Firing was at random say about 1 to 6 round per sec then pause for a few seconds.Continuous firing for a longer period will cause barrel to heat-up.During my entire air combat mission 1977-1979, counter attack from the PGK was rather unheard and unexperienced by the AlouetteIII gunship.

shafik(adioz88) said...

Thats mean PGK fear to facing with Allouette III gunship.Am i right?Maybe because from the firepower itself and capabilities from Allouette III, Now, i can see everyday that iron bird fly above my block..still tough like nothing happen even Allouette III was in air combat before..

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Dear Shafik(adioz88),

You are absolutely right, or perhaps PGK didn't have the clear cut opportunity to hit at it. Alouette III low level surprise attack was fast and always staying clear from enemy small arm firing range.