Saturday, May 14, 2011

Military Self Preparatory And Readiness.

As an Alouette III air gunner, there are three things I must ensure:
  1. Ensuring readiness checks on my Alouette III gunship helicopter.
  2. Ensuring readiness checks on my weapons(MG151/20mm Cannon, M16A1 Rifle, and my 9mm Browning automatic pistol).
  3. Ensuring military self preparatory and readiness checks as follows:
          a) Physically fit for duty.
          b) Medically fit for duty.
          c) Spiritually fit for duty.

Self in 1971.

 Self preparatory on physical and spiritual conditioning in 1972.

 The Karate Sparring Session. 
(Self on the left)

The Karate Budokan International Tournament 1975
Staduim Negara, Kuala Lumpur. 
(Photo of self on the left)

Military self preparatory and readiness was compulsory, and Military Callisthenics introduced long ago with an unrecorded history lured everyone in the air force to follow these deadline of callisthenics training, where necessarily  pursuing to higher unarmed combat training schedules. Vast had the opportunity to learn and developed those qualities before or after joining the RMAF. That was to say..."Military Martial Arts" such as Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, Military Survival Courses, Military Unarmed Combat, Seni Silat Gayong, and Seni Silat Lincah were all taught in the RMAF. It's yours to anticipate on any art seriously in order to be called the undeclared "silent warrior". The martial spirit and strength developed among soldiers, would therefore propelled to a higher strategic contribution towards military achievement, which are clearly depicted from most RMAF squadron mottos such as:

"Anywhere And Anything" or in Bahasa Malaysia,"Di Mana Dan Apa Sahaja"
(The Motto of the No 3 Sqn RMAF Butterworth).          

"The Strength To Fight" or in Bahasa Malaysia,"Cekal Berjuang"
(The Motto of the No 7 Sqn RMAF Kuching).

"Fast Interception Fierce In Battle" or in Bahasa Malaysia,"Pantas Memintas Lincah Bersabung"
(The Motto of the No 11 Sqn (Reconnaissance) RMAF Butterworth). 

* The motto translated to English may differ as was not being published.

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