Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The RMAF MG151/20mm Gunship's Checklist.

The Alouette III Air Gunner is responsible to carry out all the gunship's cheklists before flight. The checklists are as follows:

1.     Armament circuit breaker check.
2.     Ammo Bin secured and locked check.
3.     Ammo types and quantity check.
4.     Side Missiles if fitted check.  
5.     Ammo bin and flexichute to gun check.
6.     Gun mounting check.
7.     Gun firing mode check.
8.     Gun readiness check.
9.     Gun barrel check.
10.   Barrel fitted to gun check.
11.   Spare barrel check.
12.   Barrel clamp check.
13.   Heavy duty left-hand glove check.
14.   Empty shell link bag check.
15.   Gunner's seat check.
16.   Gunner's bullet proof vest check.
17.   Gunner to pilot intercom check.
18.   Gun checks completed.

Normal on ground checks will take about 10-15 minutes.


F said...

Very interesting blog! I'm pretty sure the RMAF got the idea from the Rhodesians who pioneered the use of the Alouette III as a light gunship when it fitted the MG151 20mm cannon on its Alouette III K-Car’s during the counter insurgency campaign against the ZANLA and ZIPRA. How many 20mm rounds were carried onboard?

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Dear F,

Thank you!You are right! Two ammo bins carried, normally 100rds HEs and 100rds Balls in each bin.As to reduced aircraft AUW(all up weight).

F said...

Dear Encik Ismail,

Unfortunalty there hasn't been many photos of the gunships appearing in magazines. Before I came across your blog, I had only ever seen one.

If you don't mind I have a few gunship related questions.

1. Do you recall if any other weapons, a GPMG perhaps, was fitted to the Alouttees?

2. What was the number of aircaft fitted with the 20mm?

3. Curious as to why HE rounds where carried when the targets were people?

4. Were tracer rounds carried?

5. Where there any instances where Alouttes were hit by CT ground fire?

6. Did the Aloutte gunships always operate in pairs or sometimes alone?

Thank you, Fariz.

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Dear Fariz,

So far none available on magazines but yes on local newspapers that was some times ago. I assumed the mg151/20mm guns were all dormant now.Do check with PUTD Kluang.

1.No other weapons known fitted to the Alouette III as I could rememember(1977-1979).But eden gun was tried by the RMAF but it was a failure.With some modification AlouetteIII gunship could be easily fitted with other guns.

2.Several Alouette IIIs could easily be fitted with mg151/20mm cannon at one given time base on requirement.

3.Both HE and Ball has its own significant capabilities.HEs good for jungle enemy clearances may not kill but maimed.Ball is a good penetrator and do kill. All depend on type of targets selected.

4.Tracer was not applied at all.

5.Probably yes the CTs firing at the AlouetteIIIs but none was hit so far.

6.Gunship can operate both in pair and single depending on its tactical firing requirement.