Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warrant Officer's Criterion.

Two decades ago, the criterion to be a Warrant Officer in the RMAF are as follows:
  1. Duly confirmed the rank of Flight Sergeant.
  2. Duly attended an RMAF Leadership Course at the Air Force Institute of Technology(ITU), Kinrara.
  3. Duly attended an RMAF Instructional Technique Course at Institut Teknologi Udara(ITU), Kinrara.
  4. Duly attended an RMAF Warrant Officer's Course at ITU, Kinrara.
  5. Duly attended on any course in country and abroad or from other tri-services command will be an advantage.
  6. Duly recommended by the unit Commanding Officer.
  7. Duly passed an interview for a Warrant Officer's post with a board of selection panel at the Department of the Air Force, Ministry of Defense(MINDEF).

The School for RMAF Warrant Officers

Junior Leadership Course # 26.

Air Quarter Master Course.

AFAITC Lowry AFB, Colorado.

Standing front row from L to R: Self # 4. 

Issued at Lowry AFB,Colorado.

Issued at Bergstrom AFB,Texas.

Sitting from left: Self #9.

Instructional Technique Course # 39

Standing from left: Self #6

Self receiving the Warrant Officer's Scroll from Maj(U) Zainal.

Warrant Officer Course # 5.

* RMAF(Royal Malaysian Air Force) or TUDM(Tentera Udara Di Raja Malaysia).

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