Sunday, May 1, 2011

XGunship and XNuriPilot.

As an air gunner on the Alouette III gunship, escorting numerous Nuris helicopters to their destination merely Landing Pads or Points(LP) safely or either being shot from hostiles areas from 1977-1980 along the border  of Malaysia and Thailand was routine in air operations. Wondering and longing to see again the Alouette III helicopter gunship fitted completely with its original gun and ammo and probably a display at the RMAF Museium are likely to be appreciated by the incoming visitors. 

On the 29th April, 2011(Friday) morning, mark the most important moment of my life when I visited a long lost colleague at his first grand book sale at the Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium, Alor Setar and drove all the way from Sungai Petani. It was three decades ago since I last saw him, and definitely will recognised him when confronted. Nevertheless all pilots and aircrews survived, many still living with an accountable shape and with a slight difficulties to locate them, and last but not least for those jovial guys who had left earlier peacefully, may God bless em all.

He is one of them whom I used to escort his Nuri helicopter with many others during the emergency days. His name is Major(R) Hj.Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman, ex Nuri pilot of the RMAF, an author of a newly published book named "Coretan Xnuripilot" and also the owner of a blog called We enjoyed the long burst of conversations that memories could tell that day and verbally agreed to do more write up. I cordially purchase the two books with his signatures on, thank you and congratulation for your success in publishing it.

Finally, I had to excused myself for the Friday congregation, then having visiting the mosque at Tandop before setting the journey back to my home town, 35miles(56km) away, with a heavy rain all the way to Sungai Petani.

From L to R: Maj(R) Nor Ibrahim(xnuripilot) and WOII(R) Mohd Ismail(xgunship escorte).

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