Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Flying Memoir The Alouette III - FM1316.

(Website Photo From RMAF Museum, Kuala Lumpur).

My aircrew flying log book shown with the Alouette III-FM1316 as logged. 

     Date                I Flown With               Nature of Duty                  Duration
Butterworth Memoir.
1.  July 12,1978 - Kpt(U) Raja Mohd.   C34-Underlung and winching.      1:20
2.  Feb 03,1979 - Kpt(U) Raja Mohd     C492A-Gubir-BW(Gunship).       0:35
3.  Feb 14,1979 - Kpt(U) James Chong  C37A-Air Check.                        0:20 
4.  Apr 10,1979 - Kpt(U) James Chong  C37A-A/C Compass Swing.       0:30 
5.  Apr 30,1979 - Lt.M(U) Karim            C164A2-BW-Sintok-BW              1:20    
6.  May 01,1979- Lt.M(U) Karim            C164A2-BW-Sintok-LP-BW         1:45
Kuching,Sarawak Memoir.
7.  Dec 10, 1982- Lt(U) Razak               BAD91A-A/C Compass Swing.   0:30
8.  Dec 20, 1982- Lt(U) Fong                 BAD90A-Monthly Cont.Training.  1:30
9.  Jan 11, 1983 - Lt(U) Razak                BAD91A-KUC-SIBU-KUC.          3:05
10.Jan 12, 1983 - Kpt(U) Hashim           BAD61A-Air Check.                     0:30
11.Jan 13, 1983 - Lt(U) Razak               BAD91A-MCT.                             1:00
12.Jan 19, 1983 - Lt(U) Fong                 BAD90A-Night Flying.                   0:40
13.Jan 22, 1983 - Lt(U) Razak               BAD924A-KUC-SIBU-S'GANG-   2:10
14.Jan 30, 1983 - Kpt(U) Hashim          BAD61A- Air Check.                     0:30

                                                                               Day Flying Hours:       14:35
                                                                             Night Flying Hours:         0:40
                                                                             Total Flying Hours:    15:15
End of Log.

An Alouette III airframe number FM1316 was finally laid to rest at the RMAF Museum, Old Airport Road, Kuala Lumpur after a four decades of good services both in east and west Malaysia. It was a multi role helicopter such as gunship that closely associated among the air gunners, thus leaving behind all the sweet flying memoirs to everyone who had flown it. My tribute to her is my salute!



Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

I hope RMAF considers my suggestion to install 20mm cannon onto the Alouette for its roll as Gunship.

Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your suggestion and am most appreciated, sure vast looking forward to visit the RMAF Museum.

F said...

Encik Ismail,

You mentioned that the RMAF had tried the 'Eden' gun before the Mauser was fitted on the Aloutte.
Did you mean the 'Aden' gun?

Does aynone know the serial registration of the Buri that was downed at Gubir?


Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim said...

Yes! the 'Aden Gun c/w pod' was fitted on trial but was recalled.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum tuan.. Boleh saya tahu berapa jumlah pesawat aloutte kerajaan malaysia beli? Tail number pertama aloutte FM1075 betul ke tuan?? Mohon penyerahan tuan