Thursday, July 14, 2011

RMAF Kuching Memoirs (Jan,1981 to May,1983).

RMAF No7 Squadron, Kuching's.
( I was an aircrew sergeant when posted here).

The No7 Squadron Aircrew Lounge Mascot
(Aircrew lounge for members, guests and visitors).

The No7 Sqn Base Defense Guards.
(Always felt safe...thanks to these young men).

Self by the Photo Section of RMAF Kuching
( Thank you Sgt.Jaafar of the photo section for your keen advisory on technical photography delivered).

From a self taught photographer to an Air Force Photo Interpreter.

In 1981, it was here my interest in aerial photography started in RMAF Kuching. I personally owned two Nikon FM2 SLR cameras c/w motodrives, a Nikon F2 SLR camera, and severals lenses thats my work horses and occasionally conducting workshops in aerial photography. In 1983, I was selected and sent by the RMAF to study photographic imagery in the United States and then became a Photo Interpreter at the newly established Reconnaissance Squadron of the No11 Sqn RMAF Base Butterworth until 1988. 

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RMAF Base Kuching ASF Hangar.
(ASF - Aircraft Servicing Flight).

RMAF Kuching hangars(Center) and MAS Airport(Right)

RMAF Kuching S61A Sikorsky(Nuri)
(We are ready for any mission tasking).

RMAF Kuching AlouetteIII helicopter.

In the foreground was the old Kuching MAS Airport.

AlouetteIII on a floatation role 1982 (Self).
(I felt like a boat when landed on the lake).

RMAF Kuching Refuel Bowsers.
(All aircrafts considered grounded without these refueling trucks).

RMAF Kuching Sergeant's Mess.
(The only bachelor's living quarters and venue for social functions).

One of the RMAF Kuching social funtion
photo taken between (1981-1983).

Photo from third left to right: Sgt.Saian(Pay Section), Self(Aircrew), Lt.M(U)Toharudin(DAMO),
Flt.Sgt.Ramly(Supply), and the last ninth Cpl Nikmat(Supply). 
(My apology for not remembering rest of the names shown on this photo).

Kuching Runway 07 and 25 shared by both Mas and RMAF.
("Kuching Tower..Badak91A..Final 07").

Kuching Runway 25.

RMAF C130H aircraft parking at the old Air Movement 1983.

MAS F27 and B737 aircrafts parking at Kuching Airport.

Kuching Airport as in 1983.
(Now occupied by the RMAF).

Mas aircraft taxing while awaiting Kuching's new airport being built.

Taxing for the old airport

Mas aircraft taxing a beam of the RMAF hangars.
(The building far right was the RMAF Air Movement Section 1983).

Kuching International Airport under construction.

New Kuching's International Airport scheduled for completion in July,1983.

By May,1983 I left RMAF Kuching with my family for Kuala Lumpur. It was in Mindef that I have to do the necessary documentations prior leaving for The United States. Lots of documentations to be done at Mindef, such as the Immigration Office, the US Embassy, the Bank Negara, and the personnal clothing preparations. I left for US on the 3rd June, 1983 morning via Subang International Airport. 

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Friday, July 1, 2011

RMAF Labuan Revisited.

Well! I did come back again to Labuan on the following years:

No 5 Sqn. Labuan detachment - From No 7 Sqn RMAF Kuching as AlouetteIII detachment crew.

RMAF Labuan detachment - From No11 Sqn RMAF Butterworth as Imagery Intelligence Crew.

No 5 Sqn. Labuan detachment - From No 7 Sqn RMAF Kuching as AlouetteIII detachment crew.

Personal tour itinerary: KL-Labuan-K.Kinabalu-Sandakan-K.Kinabalu-KL by MAS flight (Seven years after my retirement).

Labuan undergone a drastic changed both physically and economically. Lands reclaimed, new airport, new port facilities, modern tourism centers, the new An'nur mosque, several commercial buildings built and it was totally different compared from my first visit to Labuan in 1970.

No.5 Squadron RMAF Labuan 1985(Right).
Far left: POL Stores Bldg. Far right: Technical Stores Bldg.

The HSBC Labuan 1985

Self at Labuan Passenger's Jetty 1991

Built stilt houses above water, Labuan 1991

Labuan Aerial View 1991

Labuan An'nur Jamek Mosque under construction 1985

Aerial View of Labuan's An'nur Jamek Mosque 1991

Jetty at Labuan 1985 

Labuan War Memorial(Revisited) 1985.

Labuan War Memorial Ground(Revisited) 1985. 

On transit at Kota Kinabalu International Airport June,1999.