Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 54th Malaysia Independence Day 31 August 1957

In remembrance of  54th Malaysia Independence Day
31st August, 1957.

 I always remember
They fought to glory
With heat and sweat
Little was known
Yet more to forget
Prosperity sowed and harvested.

To this very day of 31st August, 2011.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2011.

"Eid al-Fitr Greetings"
To all my blog readers wherever they may be.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Penrissen Camp, Kuching - My Family Quarters 1981-1983.

Aerial view of the Penrissen Camp family quarters, Kuching 1982.

The Penrissen Camp is situated at the 8th mile intersection between Kuching and Serian, the Samarahan district border. It is about 2.5 miles to RMAF Base Kuching.

My SNCO family quarters at the Penrissen Camp 1981.

This was a tri-services family quarters known. It comprises of the Navy, Army and the Air Force, with several in house modern facilities for the armed forces families. Facilities such as NAAFI now PERNAMA, BAKAT, Post Office, Military Medical Center, sundry shops and etc. 

My wife and I at our quarters 1982.
I am married to Hasna Binti Haji Harun in 1980 and brought her and our son, Iswan Al Hakim to Kuching at the end of 1981.

Our one year old eldest son, Iswan Al Hakim 1982.

Our friendly neighbors from the Penrissen family quarters 1982.
(My wife at the back row No.1 from the right).

Kursus Dakwah Islamiah for ladies from BAKAT, RMAF Kuching 1981.
(At tea break - my wife wearing white scarf on front sitting 4th from the right).

My wife attended a course on Dakwah Islamiah held by Jabatan Agama Sarawak at the Brigade Camp, Kuching from 19-20 Dec,1981 and co-sponsored by BAKAT (Badan Kebajikan Angkatan Tentera),of RMAF Kuching. As for me, on my second tour of duty at RMAF Kuching, I was appointed as an Islamic Affair Officer representing the No.7 Squadron, RMAF Kuching from 1990-1992.  

My family quarters view from 'Pasar Dayak' 1982.

During my tour in Sarawak from 1981-1983, I lived in these SNCO family quarters provided by the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Kuching. Have to travel daily by military transport to RMAF Base Kuching, 8 miles away from the quarters via the 7th mile town and the Semanggor Camp before reaching the base.

The morning view at the Penrissen Camp 'Pasar Dayak' 1982.

You can get fresh vegetables, fruits, prawns, crabs, fishes and local foods here at reasonable price and I really love the Sarawak prawns when fried with onions and spices. Mostly during the off days, my wife and I will do the marketing at this place. The 'Pasar Dayak' started early in the morning and ended until about noon daily and the privileges were enjoyed by all the armed forces families within the quarters. 

Day by day went by so quickly as I could remember and it was in early 1983 I was temporarily called to be attached at MINDEF(Ministry of Defense) prior for my attending a course in USA. Responded by the news, my family and I have to evacuate  the family quarters and we finally left for Kuala Lumpur by an Air Force flight. From Kuala Lumpur, my wife and I decided to go home and stay with my parents for a while which we did. My family stayed in Sungai Petani until I completed my course abroad. Upon my graduation, I was transfered to RMAF Butterworth, and later bought a house and settled down in Sungai Petani, Kedah to this present day. 

The story that I am telling now happened nearly three decades ago, now my two own kids are all grown up and having their own family to their care by just leaving the two of us and continuing moving on but not as  energetic  as before but still surviving in Sungai Petani. Thank you Allah. We have only two sons the eldest, Iswan Al Hakim Bin Mohd Ismail graduated from University Utara Malaysia joined the MISC and he currently sailing around the world. While my youngest son Yusouf Al Matin Bin Mohd Ismail graduated from University Tun Hussein Onn joined as an engineer at PERO DUA Rawang, Selangor. Turning to my only two sons and their families, my wife and I, wishing them a forever lasting safety and happiness wherever they may be, as the world is known to be too short for a one time living. So leap forward and stretch for a good beneficial moderate life while time is still kind and permissible.

Now accompanied with my beloved wife Hasna, I feel very much in relief, after all the honest sacrifices to the country and religion and not forgetting as an responsible husband and parenthood alike. As for my late in-laws and both of my parents, my wife and I served them well during their hard trying time and may Allah bless them...Al-Fatihah.

Currently, I am now an independent Islamic mortician in my hometown, a non profit activity serving my community and conducting courses on Islamic funeral management. My Hand Phone No 013-4178600 and my e-mail address is  and please look for my Islamic blog named "The Islamic Undertaker" or

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kuching as photographed (1981 to 1983).

All photographs taken from 1981 to 1983 are Copyright Reserved.

My first visit and prayer in town - The Kuching Mosque.

Letter of appreciation from the mosque secretary Hj Ali Samson Bin Baki.

My family's first visit to Kuching Museum.

Strolling along Kuching Court House.

My family's favorite shopping place - The Kuching India Street.

The river crossing with Astana and Fort Magherita in vicinity.