Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Shop's Closed - The Wall Clock Still Ticking

The center shop was one time selling  wrist watches and wall clocks.

Thats the oriental shop I first bought my 'Seiko' wall clock for my house at RM110.00 that was in 1978. After browsing the internet recently I found the price for that similar clock is around RM500.00 now. A good investment but sad to say that the shop is closed and my wall clock is still ticking. The owner of the shop was a Chinese lady and I don't remember her name and initially did not have enough money for the wall clock but she except my deposits of RM20.00 promising her to return and settle the balance at the end of the month which I did. Considering a lucky purchase, because in that same shop theres a stout RAAF Airman I guessed, who was also admiring at the only same displayed wall clock available and I thinks that he too had an intention of buying it but did not utter a single word. So I hastily suggest for the deposit and the shopkeeper cordially accepted my term and I heard the Aussie sigh...who turned and smiled at me.

Several old shops around here were already shutting their businesses, probably on relocation process or pending for city development and above all the economic pitfall on the withdrawal of Penang as a free port.    Location situated in the heart of Butterworth town closed to the four junctions posted with traffic lights. This was the most popular shopping area a several decades ago where visitors from Kedah and Perak use to shop over here especially on coming festive seasons like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Depavali, and Christmas. The continuance of Penang as a free port decades ago make things relatively cheap here. My late parents used to bring me for shopping here when I was around ten years old but my younger brothers and sisters insisted that we all go to Penang. Most children like us loves see Penang island, the ferry ride, the sea, the esplanades, Penang Hills, the boats, the ships, the local foods and many more.

Seiko wall clock purchased in 1978.

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