Saturday, July 21, 2012

Resettlement Course

Prior to my retirement from Royal Malaysian Air Force in 1992, a Malaysian Armed Forces policy stated that I am entitled to a "Resettlement Course" of my choice. I presumed made a wise choice in "Tourism" and my application was accepted for the course titled "Tourism Agency Management" at the Institut Kemahiran Kementah, Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Self at the Institute 1990

Certificate In Tourism Agency Management 1990

In 1992, I did my six months resettlement course at "The United Transport Company" a subsidiarily owned by MHSB a part and parcel of "Transport and Tourism Industry"and now run by the NADICORP Holding Sdn Bhd. with the name, Konsortium Transnasional Berhad(KTB). After six months, I was officially absorbed in the said company as administrative assistant cum training officer and served for nearly four years before retiring. 

The United Transport Company's bus 1992

Me as a training officer - UTC Workers Induction Programme 1992

Meeting with managers on company's course planning.
(Self sitting No.3 from left)

My responsibility - For company's setting up for seminars and courses.

The Driver's Course opening ceremony by MHSB senior managers 1992.

Coordinating UTC Driver's Course, Sg.Petani, Kedah 1992.

MARA HOUSE(Training Center) at Lorong Binjai, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 1993.
(Building now demolished paving ways for new development)
Training Officers Course 1993
(Self standing No 1 from Right to Left)

Training Officers Course at the MARA HOUSE, KL 1993
(Seft sitting No.1 from left)
Trainer's Certificate 1993
An Executive's visit to the MHSB KL 1993
(Self No.1 from the right)
Course Coordinator - Klang -Banting Driver's Course in Negeri Sembilan 1993
(Self standing No.1 from the right)
Course Coordinator - UTC Industrial Safety Course 1993
NIOSH locally conducted at Komplek Hijau Kuning, Alor Setar.Kedah.

The Islamic Funeral Undertaker (From 2001 - 20xx)
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Today, I am a lifetime voluntary consultant on Islamic funeral services in my own community, starting base from my accumulated military background and experiences and to the present professional careers which I ever thought being the best of life spent wisely that concurred with pride and dignity achieved. Thank you to my beloved wife and sons, my brothers and sisters, relatives, friends and colleagues for their supports in making my personal career record a memorable piece. To conclude, may Allah bless both of my parents and all of us.



Sunday - 21nd July,2012 (01 of Ramadan,1433)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Courses Attended At The Institut Teknologi Udara, Kinrara.

1. 1970 SUPPLY MECH COURSE 1970 - Certificate not made available from the school.

AC Mohd Ismail(Self), AC Yahaya, AC Ali Khan, and AC Raof  1970


Self standing No.8 from left 1973

Certificate in Supply Tech Course from RMAF School of Aircraft Engineering, Kinrara 1973


Certificate issued from RMAF School of Aircraft Engineering 1974

4. INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNIQUE COURSE(Kursus Kaedah Mengajar) 1986

Instructional Technique Course at The Air Institute of Technology, Kinrara 1986


Self standing No.6 from left 1989

Self receiving the Warrant Officer's Scroll at Air Institute of Technology, Kinrara 1989

Warrant Officer's Course at Air Institute of Technology, Kinrara 1989

Warrant Officer's Scroll Sign On Behalf Of The King By The Defense Minister 1990

Sunday, July 1, 2012

RMAF Kinrara The Gateway To Professionalism

The Air Institute Technology or Institut Teknologi Udara and formerly known as RMAF School of Aircraft Engineering established in 1960s were specially geared for the fresh airmen before entering their specific trades. Situated inside RMAF Kinrara, at 7th milestone, Puchong Road, Selangor,Malaysia.

It comprises the school in administration, logistic, technical courses such as electrical, radio, radar, instruments, airframe with the mech and tech level in separated fabrication. There's schools for warrant officers, officers and for instructors. 

Since 1970 from the date of my enlistment into the RMAF, I have attended several courses at this prestigious institute and most had left the air force and became professionals some employed in airlines, industries, the government serving both in country and abroad. The Institute may undergo changes by now and the brief story I am relating were the tale of 42 years ago and old enough not to be neglected. I therefore includes several photos of the Institute to be seen publicly.

The Institute Main Entrance 1986

Welcome to the campus 1986

The Commandant Office 1986

Sabre FM 1900 displayed 1986

The School of Aircraft Engineering

The School of Aircraft Instruments 1986

The School of Logistics 1986

The School for Instructors and Teaching Techniques 1986

Department of Physical Fitness 1986

Monday, June 25, 2012

Visiting Air Forces At The RMAF Base Labuan

In the early 1970s the Air Forces of friendly allies frequently visited the RMAF Base Labuan either on for refueling, on transiting and with a possible night stopping. RMAF guards are being posted to patrol those aircraft parking areas especially after working hours which lasted till the next morning. My three years of duty at RMAF Base Labuan as an airman had permitted me with the opportunity to safeguard these aircrafts from any possible attack from intruders.

USAF T33A Aircraft at RMAF Base Labuan 1971 with  RMAF Caribous (forground).

Royal Air Force(RAF) Bristol Britannia at RMAF Base Labuan 1971.

RAF C130 at RMAF Base Labuan 1971.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Photo of an Alouette III helicopter.

Date Flown: August 05,1980.
Aircraft No: Alouette III-FM1303.
Flight Details: Communication Flight-Kroh(Pengkalan Hulu) to RMAF Butterworth.
Time of occurrence: Approximately 1700hrs.
No of Pax: Two
Aircraft Captain: Lt(U) Hamzah.
Aircrew: Self.

Crewman Log dated Aug 05,1980. Back from a weary operation, one evening in the month of Ramadan, while approaching at an altitude less than 100ft towards the 'Chopper East' the tower had cleared us to cross over for RMAF dispersal. Suddenly, as an aircrew on duty, I noticed at that same time after the control tower's clearance, an RAAF aircraft, a bomber type was also closely approaching from our port side towards the Butterworth's runway 36 as we were about to cross the same runway too. I supposed my pilot was least aware, so I acted quickly by moving gently the pilot's cyclic control stick to the right and simultaneously informing the pilot about the incoming aircraft to our port side that was drawing nearer and nearer to a point of a mid air collision if we resisted. The awakening pilot anticipated spontaneously to my action and  suggestion and then quickly made an 180 degree turn to the starboard as to avoid a mid air collision.

At a distant away, I notice at the control tower, few officers stood up dumb as it was too late to warn us by the radio. We knew it was the control tower's miscalculation for giving the clearance. However, we landed safely and I suggested that the pilot made an 'air miss' report but the RAAF control tower official called him in advanced and they apologized for the incident. Well! life can be so challenging as someone may think...that was my crewman best action for the day...and no one talked about it. 

The Air Doctrine:
Vigilant, Knowledge and Crew cooperation.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trigger Happy Gunners

Photo of an Airgunner: Self at the No.3 SQN dispersal RMAF Butterworth 1970s

My Alouette III gunship-mate, Sgt Peter Nunis at the helm of MG151/20mm Cannon.

My Alouette III Flying Log stated from February 1979 to November 1980 showed not a single round of ammo being fired from any of my helicopter gunship. Supposed so, be the rest of the gunners too. Probably was the period that we airgunners were duly breifed by our Officer Commanding No.3 Sqn. that  said, 'No more trigger happy and minimize all firing only when necessary state be allowed.' Derived in relation to the released order received from The Air Headquarters, at Kuala Lumpur, stating that the RMAF were running out of 20mm gunship ammunition nationwide. Yeah! we were the few branded bunch of 'trigger happy gunners' of the gunship squadron. However the gunship and Nuri operators still flying in the hot pursuit areas of the border operations with the normal routine of Nuri flying in and out of the LPs(Landing Point) be seeing like a 'sitting duck' and the gunship like an 'angry bird' encircling above and around the LPs with a limited guaranteed protection. Something abnormal not to our liking and what a disgusting war we had to face. Though we sigh but still comply and accept the order of the higher authority with full respect. My salute to those brave dedicated men!

Finally the '20mm ammo crisis' were lifted when a full load of ammunitions arrived from Portugal by the RMAF C130 aircraft at RMAF Base Butterworth, parking far away at the 'Chopper East' dispersal in avoidance to publicity. That evening, in the Mess, a C130 Loadmaster brushed my shoulder and whispered to me, 'Your parcel arrived.' It was learnt that the RMAF went too far for a shopping of these consumable gunship ammunition which was in great demand at that time, and the good news...the whole operation was back to normal. As an Airgunner, I called it a moral booster!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Memoir For Ex RAAF/RAF/RMAF Personnels Back Home

The United Traction Company, Butterworth.

The UTC Head office, Butterworth.

In the memory lane of an unforgettable bus company, The United Traction Company, Butterworth. Informing all the ex RAAF/RAF/RMAF personnels who had served Malaya/Malaysia back home would unlikely to hear this melancholic news. The entire fleet of UTC buses had ceased operations after servicing Butterworth to Alor Star route for more than six decades covering Northern and Central Perai, and Sungai Petani wind-up on November 05, 2011 due to the rising cost and intense competition over the last four years. 

Used to commuting passengers, school childrens including RAAF,RAFand RMAF personnel travelling to work from Penang Island to the mainland. 'The bus company, one that we enjoyed riding once upon a time.'

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Earliest Cameras 1972-1973

During my tour of duty at RMAF Labuan, Sabah from 1970-1973, my lust for cameras had grown tremendously and I did skipped from one camera to another just for the sake of photography.

Canon QL 1972 - My first dream camera.

Canon FT 1972 - My second camera.

Minolta SRT Super 1973 - My 3rd camera.