Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Alouette III helicopter
On July 6, 1978 with a clear morning sunshine, saw the first RMAF aerial photographic attempt trying to get a hand-held vertical photo of the Base Butterworth as directed by the Base Commander. An Alouette III helicopter FM1314 were prepared and flown as scheduled on a high altitude training mission. Having flown for 1hr 45min, the Alouette III finally landed in despair and the aerial photographic mission categorized as mission unaccomplished.

Factors contributing to the unaccomplished mission are as follows:
  1. Substandard aerial photographic mission planning.
  2. Aircrew incompetency to aerial photography.
  3. Unsuitable photographic equipment.
  4. The photographer was found medically unfit.
Suggestion proposed:
  1. Introduce necessary training in aerial photography.
  2. The aerial photographer be from the aircrew trade.
Courses available:
  1. In country.
  2. Foreign.
The resultant:
  1. The emergence of the RMAF maritime squadron based at Kuala Lumpur.
  2. The emergence of the RMAF reconnaissance squadron based at Butterworth 1983.