Sunday, March 4, 2012


The books from Kodak publications

Aerial photographic books purchased in 1970's.

The manual of photogrammetry.

My earliest involvement in photography dated back in 1971 whilst in RMAF Labuan, Sabah. In 1977, I began gearing up for aerial photography through self study lesson from books where courses via the internet and video were totally unheard. Followed with the help of Kodak aerial photographic guide books that were available only on order which really keep me busy on the subject before  pursuing for USA to study photogrammetry in 1983. I later became a qualified RMAF photogrammetrist commonly known as imagery or photo interpreter stationed for six years at No.11 Sqn. Base Butterworth and also an instructor on aerial photography for pilots and the Instrument Section personnel. A former active member of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, USA.

Though the Ground Photographic Sections were in existence in most of the air force bases, but hand-held aerial photography was not seen to be in their subject list. Equipped with Nikons(SLR) cameras with 35mm film format and light helicopters utilized for all hand-held aerial photography whenever necessary that make things much easier for the flying wing to execute own aerial photographic mission, and with the support of squadron pilots, I personally moved to promote the hand-held aerial photography through ground lectures at the No.3 Sqn. Butterworth and later later extended to No. 11 Sqn. Butterworth and finally at the No.7 Sqn. Kuching.

The ceased ASPRS Active Member Certification.

It was a great moment for us at the No.7 Sqn. after seeding a high effort planning in aerial photography and finally came the fruits bearing the authorization to fly with a renowned professional photographer named Guido Alberto Rossi on his most successful aerial photography over Kuching in 1991, just a year before my retirement. Well! I supposed there's plenty of aerial photographers born by the air force by now.

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