Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Memoir For Ex RAAF/RAF/RMAF Personnels Back Home

The United Traction Company, Butterworth.

The UTC Head office, Butterworth.

In the memory lane of an unforgettable bus company, The United Traction Company, Butterworth. Informing all the ex RAAF/RAF/RMAF personnels who had served Malaya/Malaysia back home would unlikely to hear this melancholic news. The entire fleet of UTC buses had ceased operations after servicing Butterworth to Alor Star route for more than six decades covering Northern and Central Perai, and Sungai Petani wind-up on November 05, 2011 due to the rising cost and intense competition over the last four years. 

Used to commuting passengers, school childrens including RAAF,RAFand RMAF personnel travelling to work from Penang Island to the mainland. 'The bus company, one that we enjoyed riding once upon a time.'


Anonymous said...

I served in No1 ADC RMAF from Oct 1979 till Sept 1981. It's the only mode of transport affordable during that time

Melayunz said...

Salam tuan,

My trustworthy mode of transport while working in Penang in the 80s and 90s and travelling from home to jetty. The driver and conductor knows their regular passenger and their next stop. These people will even wait for few extra minutes if their regulars are not at the station especially if it is the last bus of the night. Jutaan tetima kasih