Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Photo of an Alouette III helicopter.

Date Flown: August 05,1980.
Aircraft No: Alouette III-FM1303.
Flight Details: Communication Flight-Kroh(Pengkalan Hulu) to RMAF Butterworth.
Time of occurrence: Approximately 1700hrs.
No of Pax: Two
Aircraft Captain: Lt(U) Hamzah.
Aircrew: Self.

Crewman Log dated Aug 05,1980. Back from a weary operation, one evening in the month of Ramadan, while approaching at an altitude less than 100ft towards the 'Chopper East' the tower had cleared us to cross over for RMAF dispersal. Suddenly, as an aircrew on duty, I noticed at that same time after the control tower's clearance, an RAAF aircraft, a bomber type was also closely approaching from our port side towards the Butterworth's runway 36 as we were about to cross the same runway too. I supposed my pilot was least aware, so I acted quickly by moving gently the pilot's cyclic control stick to the right and simultaneously informing the pilot about the incoming aircraft to our port side that was drawing nearer and nearer to a point of a mid air collision if we resisted. The awakening pilot anticipated spontaneously to my action and  suggestion and then quickly made an 180 degree turn to the starboard as to avoid a mid air collision.

At a distant away, I notice at the control tower, few officers stood up dumb as it was too late to warn us by the radio. We knew it was the control tower's miscalculation for giving the clearance. However, we landed safely and I suggested that the pilot made an 'air miss' report but the RAAF control tower official called him in advanced and they apologized for the incident. Well! life can be so challenging as someone may think...that was my crewman best action for the day...and no one talked about it. 

The Air Doctrine:
Vigilant, Knowledge and Crew cooperation.