Monday, June 25, 2012

Visiting Air Forces At The RMAF Base Labuan

In the early 1970s the Air Forces of friendly allies frequently visited the RMAF Base Labuan either on for refueling, on transiting and with a possible night stopping. RMAF guards are being posted to patrol those aircraft parking areas especially after working hours which lasted till the next morning. My three years of duty at RMAF Base Labuan as an airman had permitted me with the opportunity to safeguard these aircrafts from any possible attack from intruders.

USAF T33A Aircraft at RMAF Base Labuan 1971 with  RMAF Caribous (forground).

Royal Air Force(RAF) Bristol Britannia at RMAF Base Labuan 1971.

RAF C130 at RMAF Base Labuan 1971.