Sunday, July 1, 2012

RMAF Kinrara The Gateway To Professionalism

The Air Institute Technology or Institut Teknologi Udara and formerly known as RMAF School of Aircraft Engineering established in 1960s were specially geared for the fresh airmen before entering their specific trades. Situated inside RMAF Kinrara, at 7th milestone, Puchong Road, Selangor,Malaysia.

It comprises the school in administration, logistic, technical courses such as electrical, radio, radar, instruments, airframe with the mech and tech level in separated fabrication. There's schools for warrant officers, officers and for instructors. 

Since 1970 from the date of my enlistment into the RMAF, I have attended several courses at this prestigious institute and most had left the air force and became professionals some employed in airlines, industries, the government serving both in country and abroad. The Institute may undergo changes by now and the brief story I am relating were the tale of 42 years ago and old enough not to be neglected. I therefore includes several photos of the Institute to be seen publicly.

The Institute Main Entrance 1986

Welcome to the campus 1986

The Commandant Office 1986

Sabre FM 1900 displayed 1986

The School of Aircraft Engineering

The School of Aircraft Instruments 1986

The School of Logistics 1986

The School for Instructors and Teaching Techniques 1986

Department of Physical Fitness 1986

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