Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Malaysia's Stand On No Gunship Deployment.

Veteran AlouetteIII gunner
In the case of 'Lahad Datu's Incursion' in early February, 2013 Malaysia made a smart move strategically over the matter as to avoid the possible violation of so called the Geneva Convention, the applicability of the Common Article 3 relating to Non-International Armed Conflict. It is not likely for the role of helicopter gunship to be deployed as would lead to an unforeseen intentional or unintentional of willful killing that add violence to life and person that will evoke the United Nation Security Council(UNSC).

Secondly, the Malaysian government has no present procurement for such helicopter gunship as it was abandoned in the late 1980's, and therefore, finally there's probably no emplacement for the newly trained air gunners. However the Malaysian Armed Forces especially the Royal Malaysian Air Forces are indeed looking forward for future need of helicopter gunship role and yet to be decided on its implementation by the Malaysian government. 


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...


PUTD's Agusta or RMN's Super Lynx could be deployed as gunship. In fact, EC 725 too could be used. Lynx was used during Ops Fajar in Indian Ocean when the crew straffed the pirates at night. I'm not suprised Nuri might take over role of gunship using the gun used by A103 in the near future, wallahualam.

Anonymous said...

PUTD dalam proses tersebut