Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why No Helicopter Gunship?

Malaysia has survived four historic incidents with or without helicopter gunship:

  1. Communist Insurgency 1948-1989 - Helicopter Gunship Utilized (1970's onward).
  2. Ethnic Violence May 13, 1969 - Helicopter Gunship Not Employed.
  3. Indonesian And Malaysian Confrontation 1962-1966 - Helicopter Gunship Not Employed.
  4. The Lahad Datu Armed Incursion Feb 9, 2013 - Helicopter Gunship Not Employed.
I was frequently asked on why there's no helicopter gunship involvement?....The question is yet to be answered later or give your comment hoping it will be well appreciated by all. 

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Anonymous said...

Been following your side often. Very informative and brought back many wonderful memories about seeing Alloutte over bworth sky back in the 80s. Keep writing and enjoy reading all your postings.