Sunday, April 7, 2013


The Choice Of Two Attack Helicopters?

Being Malaysia the host country for LIMA (Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition), two attack helicopters were exhibited through LIMA 01 and 09 that drew crowd of enthusiasts both local and abroad alike. As a host country, Malaysia was regarded as top player and seems likely to purchase it, but eventually snubbed the show until LIMA 2013 and they never return, probably due to the defense and the economic factors .... perhaps with the conjuncture of 'Lahad Datu's Incursion' in Sabah will soundly reopen the new purchasing turn-key.

SAAF AH2 Rooivalk stole the show in LIMA 2001

Name: Rooivalk AH2
Manufacturer: Denel
Role: Attack Helicopter
Primary User: South African Air Force(SAAF)
Unit Cost: $40 million.

SAF AH-64D Apache at LIMA 2009

Name: AH-64D Apache
Manufacturer: Boeing
Role: Attack Helicopter
Exibited: Singapore Air Force(SAF)
Unit Cost: US18 million.

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